75% Of College Students Prefer Print Textbooks

While college students may love their technology, they don’t want it in their textbooks. According to a new study the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), 75% of students prefer print textbooks over eBooks because they enjoy print’s look and feel.

This finding came out of BISG’s inaugural survey called, “Student Attitudes Toward Content in Higher Education,” which focuses on how college students perceive educational content.

While the majority still prefer print, eBooks were not without its fans. About 12% of the students surveyed prefer eBooks because they are cheaper and more convenient. This group was made up of mostly males, most of whom were seeking MBAs or taking distance learning classes.

No matter what the format, the majority of students value textbooks. Sixty percent said they place high value on core textbooks ad 65% of these students are still buying these books at their college bookstore. But some students are shopping online. One-fifth of students said they purchased textbooks from Amazon.com.

Some online shoppers have been dealing with nefarious websites. More than 40% of survey respondents said they bought a textbook from a pirate website, or know others who have. In addition, some students reported copying their friends’ textbooks.