7 Cool Tools for Social Media Pros from Blog World Expo Los Angeles

I found 7 new social media tools at Blog World Expo LA that every blogger and web marketer should know.


WeVideo free cloud based video editing software Make online videos easily – for real this time

WeVideo is a cloud based video editing service that helps bloggers create web video content.  The service makes it simple to produce original web videos and lets you quickly make blog content out of interviews, videos shot at conferences, etc.  It might “sound easy” to get edited video from a camera to YouTube, but its not. You have to have video editing software, you have to know about file formats, and worst, you have to be able to shrink the video file to a size that YouTube will accept. Its a pain!

WeVideo lets you 1) Edit the video down to the clip you want, 2) Add some titles/ effects and 3) Upload the finished video to social media platforms. WeVideo does more of course, but those 3 features alone are blogger godsends!  The service is free, and the pro versions are inexpensive.


Spread your tweets automatically

Buffer lets you schedule (“buffer”) tweets and posts across all your Twitter and Facebook accounts.  We all have friends that spam our Twitter stream with links about what they are reading – tweeting 25 times Sunday morning or worse – posting to Facebook 13 times at 12:37 AM. Buffer will be like magic for these people – spreading their shares across normal business hours.

Buffer is really simple. You surf the web, and when you find something interesting you just click the buffer icon in your browser. Buffer launches slick tools for sharing the page across mutliple Facebook and Twitter accounts – automatically scheduling the tweets and posts according to rules you set up. And these are dynamic rules, you are not typing “3:47 PM Tuesday” … Buffer’s algorytm spreads them out across the time periods you target.

Buffer also tracks engagement, provides analytics, and has other great features for social media professionals.

New Media Rights

Get free legal advice! Need we say more?

New Media Rights is a non-profit group that provides free legal help to individuals, non-profits, and small businesses.

Bloggers can get free one-on-one counseling and legal templates from lawyers who specialize in social media issues. Also, their site is a super cool “web citizen’s guide to the law”. You’ll find legal how to guides like an open source licensing guide, how to defend yourself in a Bit Torrent lawsuit and where to find free content (images, video and music) to use in your blog.


Find outbound links for blog posts

Zemanta is a wordpress plugin that recommends outbound links to images, articles and videos for you to use in your posts.

For all the non-bloggers: We bloggers spend tons of time looking for articles and other content to include in our posts that will enrich your reading experience. The easier it is to find cool stuff to link to, the quicker we get our jobs done.

Zemanta automatically scans the content of the post you are writing, and then auto suggests images, articles and videos within an intuitive, graphically rich interface. Zemanta makes creating links a one step process, kind of like bit.ly does.

This tool is free to bloggers. Zemanta makes its money from publishers like CNN.com, who pays for placement in the list of suggestions. Also, you can specify what RSS feeds that you want to come up in your suggested links. AllFacebook.com came up automatically.

Check this one out just to see the business model – Zemanta felt like the future of blogging during the demo.


Make advanced blog designs

PageLines makes web design tools for building advanced blogs and full web sites on top of WordPress.  PageLines is an established WordPress themes vendor. With the WordPress blog software, you can buy or download free “themes” that change the look, feel and layout of your blog site.

PageLines takes WordPress customization a step further – giving you interactive tools to with layouts and content widgets that you can drag and drop to freely design your WordPress blog. Note: Normal WordPress themes are static – what you see is what you get. PageLines makes customizing their blog themes easy.

PageLines is a cutting edge blog company. They just launched premium tools that create complex websites on top of the WordPress CMS – in other words, you use the free WordPress Content Management System software to make advanced web sites that look nothing like a “blog”. This was possible before, but it required knowledge of PHP programming and of the WordPress platform itself.

PageLines is also launching an “app store for web design tools” – so PageLines is a blog innovator to watch!

WPtouch and WiziApp

Make mobile sites & apps for your blog

Every blogger should have a mobile version of their WordPress site. WordPress can be slow to load on a mobile phone, and a lot of people who click a link to your blog simply won’t wait that long. If a mobile site is not enough, you can take it a step further and create iDevice apps that are powered by your existing site content.

  • WPtouch is a slick iPad app generator (and works for iPhones and mobile phones too).
  • WiziApp creates native iPad apps from your existing blog content.

WPtouch and WiziApp aren’t free, but they are not expensive either. It just makes sense to extend your blog to mobile platforms, if that’s where your readers are. Thanks to Bob Dunn of bobwp WordPress training for the tip!


Get creative with embeddable, mini-web pages

webdoc lets you make visually rich, interactive experiences by combining content from the web and social media into a collage.

webdoc lets you drag and drop YouTube videos, Flickr photos, etc. plus your own photos and graphics into a small web page that you can embed in your bog or share in social media. Its like a digital scrap book, but its all clickable. webdoc is a great tool to create visually rich content for your blog – or to give your community tools to create content for you site.

This one is better shown than explained!