50 Days Of Twitter: Tracking My (Un)Follower Frequency

Long ago, I deactivated the emails that Twitter sends you each time you have a new follower, and switched instead to SocialToo.com‘s premium notification service.

(You can read more on my reasons for doing this here.)

One of the best things about the SocialToo email is it includes both followers and unfollowers, giving you a working total for each. I thought it might be fun to look back at the last fifty days of these stats for my @Sheamus account, looking at how both of these numbers fluctuate (sometimes considerably) and how it impacts your overall follow number.

Disclaimer: Because of the way some people game Twitter, sometimes the same individual will follow and unfollow me several times in any given day. Moreover, I received no email update from SocialToo between October 26-28, nor on November 5, so these days are missing from the data. Hence, the period this analysis covers is between September 14 through November 6, for a total of 50 days.

Followers vs Unfollowers (Sept. 14 – Nov. 6, 2009)

50 Days Of Twitter: Tracking My (Un)Follower Frequency

For this period, I picked up 26.96 new followers on average each day, had 20.96 unfollowers, for a net gain of exactly six followers per day, for an overall gain of 300 (a little under nine per cent).

Follower Gain/Loss (Sept. 14 – Nov. 6, 2009)

50 Days Of Twitter: Tracking My (Un)Follower Frequency

As you can clearly see, there’s occasionally a tremendous shift in these numbers, both relative to each other and overall. The day when I lost almost 90 followers was when Twitter did one of its periodic spammer purges. Most of the time, the follow/unfollow ratio is actually pretty small and surprisingly consistent (hence the net daily gain of only six.) And while my overall gain over this time zone was up, many individual days are losers (and I was actually underwater for a short while near the beginning.)

UnFollow Friday?

Curiously, my average net gain for the seven Fridays over this period was slightly lower at 4. This proves how ineffective the #followfriday meme has been for me – and I certainly get my share of recommendations – but it’s something I think holds true for everybody. I’m already seeing a much bigger impact from Twitter’s new lists feature.

You might want to take a look at your own statistics, and I recommend SocialToo as an easy and convenient way to do this.