5 Web Shopping Services That Shopaholics Need To Know

We've compiled a list of five social shopping services that you've never heard of, so you can get a taste of the variety of ways you can buy online.

When you think of social shopping, you likely envision the group buying phenomenon made popular by Groupon and LivingSocial. But there are dozens of other services out there that offer a social experience for consumers looking for products and services. We’ve compiled a list of five social shopping services that you’ve never heard of, so you can get a taste of the variety of ways you can buy online.


The DoTogether Mall is integrated into Facebook, making it easy for consumers to purchase products and services without having to visit third-party sites. After installing the Mall on your Facebook account, you can browse thousands of products in dozens of categories. And the great thing about this social shopping experience is that you can invite your Facebook friends in on the action, getting their opinion of that blouse or laptop you’re considering buying.


Snatter’s premise is simple: find an offer, post your status, get a discount. They leverage people’s existing social networks to spread the word about the products, services and deals they offer, while giving consumers who share via Twitter or Facebook a discount in return. The discounts aren’t necessarily as deep as group buying social shopping sites, but they include things like 10% off home decor, $5 off orders of $25 or more of baby toys, and 15% off organic bamboo t-shirts.


myShopanion is a mobile app for the iPhone that offers social features to brick-and-mortar shopping. Users who are out and about can scan barcodes or perform keyword searches to find out what others are saying about that particular product. They can also use the app to connect with their friends across social networks and get real-time advice. And lastly, shoppers can use the app to compare prices of the product they are considering purchasing, to find the best deal out there.


Stuffpit incentivizes social shopping by offering consumers money for recommending products to their friends. Consumers can add their favorite products or deals to Stuffpit, and then recommend them via an affiliate link on their social networks. Earning commission for sharing online deals is a great way to make social shopping both fun and lucrative, and although Stuffpit isn’t the only service to offer this feature, it is a successful model.


DealRadar is a group buying aggregator. It combs through dozens of daily deal and group buying sites and compiles all the deals in one place. This is useful if you find yourself spending half an hour every morning flipping from bookmarked daily deals site to daily deals site to find something that piques your interest. The Toronto offerings on DealRadar, for instance, includes 18 separate sites with the deals categorized into “Beauty & Spas”, “Food & Drink”, “Fitness & Nutrition” and more.