5 Ways to Have Fun with Your Tweets

If you’re caught in a Twitter rut and feel like you need some new material to contribute to the social media universe, the following apps promise to provide entertainment for both you and your followers. Check them and out and add some flavor to your tweets.


How often have you heard the phrase, “I’ve got this one” and made a mental note to buy the next round for your buddy? Foamee has a cool way to track those IOU’s. Just follow ioubeer and/or ioucoffee and tweet out your own reminders in the following format: @ioubeer @twitterscreenname for buying me a margarita on the rocks. Tweets then show both in Foamee Pub page and also your own People Page. Even more fun, the recipient of the IOU can mark it as redeemed for everyone to see.

Commuter Feed

Ok, so maybe it’s a stretch to label anything related to commuting as “fun”, but once you follow @commuter you can tweet them with a traffic or transit update to let other commuters know of slowdowns or areas to avoid. All tweets show up on commuterfeed.com categorized by metro areas, accomplished by having the local airport code as a content requirement. It might not be fun, but it could get you home to the fun a bit faster.


You know the drill – you’re halfway through your day when you finally log on to Twitter and start seeing all the @Bob tweets wishing him a happy birthday. The birthday you completely forgot about, even though Bob sent you a cool beer of the month membership on your own special day just last month. Have no fear. Log onto Twitgift and pick out a present, enter your billing information and Bob’s twitter handle and you’re done – Bob gets tweeted about his really cool gift, logs into the site to claim it, and enters in his own shipping information. Done and done. Happy birthday, Bob.


Share songs with your followers, plain and simple. We love twtfm for its ease of use: just sign in with your Twitter account, then search for a song or artist. If it plays correctly for you (all the ones we tested did), you click to share it with your followers. The link they see plays the track. Now you can get that Blondie song stuck in 500 other people’s heads, too.


They claim to be “the easiest food diary you’ll ever keep” and it’s catching on fast with weight-conscious Tweeters. Users can submit meals via cell phone or online, either filling in the corresponding calories if known or looking them up on CrowdCal. We have to admit it looks like a cool tool – too bad our online registration attempts kept meeting with unknown errors. Hopefully you’ll have more luck!

By Anne McGraw