4INFO CEO: Verizon Text Fee ‘Unprecedented And Unnecessary’


In an interview with MocoNews, Zaw Thet, CEO of 4INFO, said that the company is really disappointed over the fee Verizon is planning to charge companies to send SMS text messages to subscribers.

“It’s unfortunate that Verizon is trying to go down this path when companies like 4INFO have driven so much direct and related business to them over the past four plus years. I can’t speculate on what Verizon is thinking.”

Thet said that Verizon is making it difficult to continue to work with them in the same capacity that they currently do, which is probably a sentiment shared by countless mobile media, SMS alert, and advertising companies in the wireless space.

“While we are obviously disappointed about Verizon’s claims, our business can still thrive and deliver an outstanding service to consumers, publishers and advertisers whether Verizon decides to be a part of that value chain or not,” Thet said in the interview. “We know our Verizon customers would be disappointed and we don’t want to deny our services to them, so we’re hoping Verizon will rethink this.”