10 Mind Blowing 3D Projection Mapping Campaigns

We've put together a list of ten amazing 3D projection mapping campaigns to give you an idea of just how amazing this technique can be. Prepare to have your mind blown.

3D projection mapping is taking the advertising world by storm, revolutionizing viral marketing and blowing minds around the globe. What is 3D projection mapping? According to Wikipedia, it’s “any method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane.” Using the 3D projection mapping technique video artists are able to project images, video and motion graphics onto buildings and other 3D objects to make it look as if the objects are moving, morphing, and changing structure. But you really have to see it to understand how incredible it is. We’ve put together a list of ten amazing 3D projection mapping campaigns to give you an idea of just how amazing this technique can be. Prepare to have your mind blown.

Projection on Buildings

Here’s a great example of 3D projection on buildings, compiled by NuFormer Projections in the Netherlands. Some of the effects look so realistic that it can be hard to remember that all of this is achieved by projecting light and images onto the buildings.

Charter 60s TV spot – Ultimate Home Makeover

Here’s another great 3D projection mapping campaign. This one was produced by KLIP Collective for Charter as part of a campaign for Ultimate Home Makeover. Check out the spot below, followed by a behind-the-scenes look at how the clip was put together.

SPACING | façade projection |

Here’s another architecture-projection campaign produced for the “Internationale Tanztage Münster” in May 2010. ‘SPACING’ was produced by URBANSCREEN in Bremen, Germany.

NuFormer – California, USA. August 2010

Here’s another great 3D projection from NuFormer. According to the video description, “NuFormer was invited by an international organization to design and develop a demo of a 3D projection on a building in California, USA.” This projection is so stunning and clear that I can hardly believe it wasn’t created entirely on a computer. Absolutely stunning.

NuFormer – Samsung, Amsterdam, May 2010 – One Take

This NuFormer campaign for Samsung was one of the first 3D projection mapping campaigns to go viral, thanks to the role it played in the first ever YouTube takeover game, released by Samsung back in June 2010.

The LightLine of Gotham

Interactive arts and technology collective Seeper produced this 3D projection mapping display in collaboration with the Vimeo to conclude the Vimeo Festival and Awards show last year. The show was projected on the Frank Gehry IAC HQ building.


Here’s another great projection mapping campaign from Seeper. This one was done at Autostadt, Wolfsburg in 2010. The way that it is shot is fantastic. It looks almost like it was created on a computer and you have to keep reminding yourself that all of the effects are simply an illusion created by projecting onto the building.

New Balance Sneaker Projection Mapping

We’ve seen a lot of great examples of 3D projection mapping on buildings, but what does a 3D projection display on a non-architectural object look like? Check out this awesome New Balance campaign to see 3D projection in action on a shoe!

ENVISION: Step into the sensory box

Here’s another cool video of projection mapping on an object. In this case, light is projected onto an abstract pile of boxes in ‘Step into the Sensory Box’. This clip also gives you more of a sense of how the technique works. You can see the boxes scanned at the beginning of the clip.

Toyota Auris ‘Get Your Energy Back’ 3D Projection Mapping

Finally, this is a fantastic example of 3D projection mapping on a car from Superglue. This isn’t the only example of projecting onto a car, but it’s certainly one of the best if you ask me. Which was your favorite 3D projection mapping campaign? Be sure to let us know in the comments!