Facebook 360-Degree Videos and Sports

Facebook’s recently introduced 360-degree videos and sports are a perfect match.

Facebook’s recently introduced 360-degree videos and sports are a perfect match.

Partner product lead Paul Beddoe-Stephens provided several examples of 360 videos from the sports world and said in a Facebook Media blog post:

Whether it’s seeing a soccer field up close, flying down a ski slope or getting in the boxing ring, 360 video enables athletes, teams and leagues to give their fans an intimate and exciting viewing experience.

You can watch these 360 videos right on Facebook, on Web or mobile devices, choosing the angle you’d like to watch from by dragging around the video with your cursor or your finger. On mobile, you can even just move your device in any direction to explore the video.

People using a Samsung Gear VR and supported Samsung smartphone can also easily play Facebook 360 videos in their Gear VR—simply click “watch in VR” in the top-left corner of the video, place the Samsung phone in the Gear VR headset and experience the video in a more immersive VR environment.

Beddoe-Stephens also shared examples below from college football, the National Basketball Association, the Barclays Premier League, skiing, boxing and surfing.

Readers: Have you experienced 360-degree videos on Facebook yet? What are your thoughts?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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