3000AD launches Line of Defense Tactics on iOS, Android


3000AD has announced the launch of Line of Defense Tactics, its new real-time squad management strategy game on iOS, Android and Amazon tablets. The game is based on the upcoming Line of Defense MMO, and sees players training their team of GALCOM Marines to become an elite fighting force.

Before each mission, players can choose from one of two difficulty levels: normal, and a “hardcore” difficulty which allows friendly fire, includes tougher enemies and less loot drops.

Each mission in Line of Defense Tactics sees players controlling multiple forces in futuristic environments, dragging lines on the screen to move individual characters and tapping to control the entire squad. Units can take cover behind debris or doorways, can clear crates to receive scrap resources, and can attack enemy units using either ranged or melee attacks.


Different levels offer different obstacles and tools, including androids and vehicles. Depending on the stage, players can call in airstrikes or deploy turrets, while unlocking new weapons as they progress. Players can also upgrade the stats and abilities of their soldiers. The game is connected to the database from the Line of Defense MMO, offering players an in-depth look at these weapons, units and more.

Line of Defense Tactics is now available to download for free on iOS, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. The game offers Missions 1-3 for free, while Missions 4-6 are available via the full app purchase of $4.99. Check back soon to follow Line of Defense Tactics on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.