3 Tools Facebook Page Owners Can Use to Restrict Content for Underage Users

While some agencies and marketers are building full-fledged applications to engage Facebook users, others are taking the simpler route and are just building Facebook Pages.

Now that Facebook has is opening its gates more broadly to beer, wine, and liquor companies, what can those companies who must restrict access to certain content do when building Facebook Pages? Here are 3 tactics recommended by Facebook:

  1. Use Settings to Restrict Access to Your Page: Facebook allows you to restrict access to your Page to users who say they are over 13, 17, 18, 19, 21, or the “legal drinking age where they live.” To change this setting, go to its edit page and change the “Settings” at the bottom.
  2. Use FBML Tags to Restrict Certain Content within Your Page: You can use FBML to restrict certain content on your Page according to the viewing user’s declared country and age. For example, if you have rights to certain content in North America but not other locations, you can show different things to folks outside that region
  3. Target Your Messages to Certain Demographics: When sending a message to fans of your Page, you can restrict who receives your messages by declared age, geography, and gender. To change this setting, select the “Target this update” box when sending a message.

These are great tools that all marketers in relevant industries should use. Marketers interested in learning more about the ins and outs of marketing on Facebook using Pages should also check out our Facebook Marketing Bible for more detailed information on the capabilities of Facebook Pages and Facebook applications.

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