2009 PR Predictions: Invoking Elvis and Mr. T.

clubber shouting.jpg

(Mr. T as Clubber Lang in Rocky III, predicting pain at a presser)

It’s not often you receive pitches invoking Mr. T. and Elvis on the same topic. Enjoy:

Elvis will monetize his frequent sightings at a Southern doughnut shop via an on-location web-cam and blog that features click-through ads and limited-edition downloadable iTunes of his newest releases (think “Glazed and Crumbling Over You”)

–Pam Abrahamsson, VP, Account Manager at the Stephenson Group and Principal, Communication Strategies Public Relations

In the words of Mr. T in Rocky III, I predict pain. The economy is already forcing client program cutbacks, and it’s likely to get worse before it gets better. Like Rocky, agencies will take a lot of hurt before they become winners again.

–Thomas Amberg, President, Cushman/Amberg Communications, Inc.

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