Platform Update: 180 Pixel Profile Pictures, Fighting Bugs, Startup Day

The Platform Update for this week on the Facebook Developers Blog discussed how the pic_big Graph API call will soon return a slightly smaller version of a user’s profile picture, Facebook’s efforts to reduce its backlog of bugs, and its recent Startup Day.

The December 2010 profile redesign slightly reduced the maximum size for profile pictures from 200 pixels wide to 180 pixels. Since newly uploaded profile pics won’t have a 200 pixel version, Starting March 1st the Graph API call pic_big that returns the largest available version of the profile pic may only return 180 pixel wide photos.

The two ways to access the pic_big are

The transition from 200 pixels to 180 pixels for pic_big “will be gradual, occurring as more users upload new profile pictures.” Developers should make sure their apps are ready to gracefully process the slightly smaller photos.

Facebook has recently been touting its rededication to combatting the growth of the backlog of developer submitted bug reports. The post explains that the bug triage team holds a “Roach Motel” event once a month where they attempt to produce bugs from the backlog and assign them to engineers. Oddly, this makes it sound as if the team only works on triage one day a month, when really the team works on new bugs every day but focuses on the backlog once a month.

Last week, Facebook held a Startup Day in conjunction with the Startup America Partnership, “a private-sector alliance intended to dramatically increase the development, prevalence and success of innovative, high-growth U.S. firms” initiated by the White House. Over ten startups attended, and there’ll be more chances for developers who are looking to participate as Facebook will hold 12 startup days in 2011.