10 Ways PR Agencies Are Different Than Other Sectors

Infographic via The Plank Center.

Do you work at a large agency? A mid-sized agency? Do you have your own “boutique” operation?

Our contacts are a fairly even mix of both, and they give us very different accounts of what it’s like to work for a large agency as opposed to working in-house for a single client or running your own shop.

Here’s an interesting infographic take created by The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations to celebrate its tenth anniversary: a series of quotes from the big names about why they like working for major agencies.


We see a pattern developing here: big agencies allow for more flexibility and give young PR professionals a greater degree of experience in dealing with different sorts of clients and different situations.

At the same time, we’re all familiar with the dreaded “middle management” curse: agencies filled with people who don’t do anything particularly important but protect their turf as if they do.

What do we think?

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