Zombie milkmen gotta have their Corn Pops

Earlier this year, Kellogg's Corn Pops served up a triple-bypass of ads from Leo Burnett that defied the old-school notion that elements within a campaign should somehow be related. We got a full-scale, costumed high-school musical, a Japanese monster-movie riff, and the rainbow dreams of a Komodo dragon. The ads had me confused but paying attention. Now, with the beautiful stop-motion spoof-horror masterpiece above, titled "The Spooning," I finally understand: Singing zombie milkmen are the true horsemen of the apocalypse. I also understand that Corn Pops is trying to circumvent short attention spans by not repeating themselves. Instead of taking the easy out with outright non sequiturs, they're trying to tell stories that are ostensibly about the need to have one's Pops. A different cut of "The Spooning," with full Pop nudity, and an educational video spoof called "Harvest" can be seen in the video section of the Waveplant Studios site (they did the music).

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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