Yes, I will put my life on the line for Plurk

Plurk I’m going beyond MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Second Life and Twitter. Way beyond. To Plurk, the new “in” social-networking site. (I’ve read that in a few places on the Web, so it must be true.) On Plurk, you can share messages and media, build profiles and connect with friends—so it’s totally different than anything else out there! Plus, the tagline fits my in-your-face, live-for-today, tough-guy persona: “Your life, on the line.” Actually, that sounds a bit menacing, and the name makes me think of “lurker,” which has negative connotations. But so what? I’m in on the ground floor! Please note: I will be using an assumed name for Plurking that I do not intend to share here. Despite my tough-guy exterior, I’m actually insecure and obsess about identity theft. Hey, Plurk pals: Come join me!

—Posted by David Gianatasio