WongDoody does meerkat boogie in zoo ad


WongDoody takes insufferable little-kids-and-animals cuteness to a whole new level with this world-beat promo clip for an upcoming meerkat exhibit at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. The annoyingly infectious jingle, "Do the Meerkute," features lyrics like, "Meerkats are fuzzy, with long pointed tails/They like to snack on scorpions, lizards, snakes and snails/Open your teeth and make a crunch/You just ate a scorpion lunch/Ewww!" The song was written by Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the United States of America, whose next career stop will be scoring a Butterfinger spot. Erik Estrada's not so cute in the candy bar's recent spot, though he seems to be wearing a meerkat on his head. UPDATE: Chris Ballew did not write the "Do The Meerkute" song. He was hired to sing the song. It was written by Eric Englehorn and Chris Geer, with lyrics by Jennie Moore.

—Posted by David Gianatasio