Who doesn’t want to work in public radio?

The Public Radio Exchange in Cambridge, Mass., is holding a “Talent Quest,” soliciting two-minute demos from potential program hosts via its Web site. Early voting is open to the masses, but public radio professionals will handle the final critiques. They’re probably tougher than Paula Abdul, but not quite as harsh as Simon Cowell. Ultimately, three winners get to present fully produced pilots to NPR. Since I enter all media-related contests (here on AdFreak, not through officials channels), I’ve developed my own show for the “Quest.” It’s called “AdPeek.” I’ll play and discuss the latest spots of note. That way, NPR can maintain its “commercial-free” status while cozying up to advertisers of all sorts (or “underwriters,” as they like to call them in the “nonprofit” sector).

—Posted by David Gianatasio