Which Olympics ads have the best music?

Media saturation for the Olympics is complete now that we have Paste magazine’s picks for the 10 Best Songs in Commercials During the Olympics. The list is mostly a who’s-who of fading indie credibility. I’ve always preferred Gabriel Ananda over Enur, who makes the cut for a Target spot set in the kind of giant dorm room only seen on TV. As for the Killers, that “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier” line isn’t as clever as they (or Nike) think it is. (The same could be said for their entire discography, pretty much.) Brandi Carlile get props for donating a song to General Motors for green causes, but her sound got old when everyone else in her genre was doing it. I agree with this list’s No. 1 choice, though—featured in the ad posted above. It’s impossible to knock Marvin Gaye, and Nike’s talents for exploitation are well documented.

—Posted by David Kiefaber