What did the tax stimulus add to your life?

Good news for the government: People do seem to be spending their tax rebates on random purchases that might boost the consumer-driven economy. The bad news? Mainstream marketers might not be cashing in. I just spent an embarrassing amount of time on the highly addictive blog How I Spent My Stimulus, and there was hardly a recognizable brand name in sight. As of this weekend, the most popular category was “Travel and Vacation,” followed by “Home and Garden.” But don’t worry, “Debt/Credit Card” was a close third. Economics and marketing aside, it’s worth browsing the site for a while just to see a fascinating cross-section of America. The stories are entertaining, inspiring and sometimes heart-wrenching. If you’re curious about the ones we pictured above, here they are: gun, bra, camera and puppy. And if you’re curious how I spent my rebate, then you can get the disappointingly pedestrian answer here. Via Consumerist. UPDATE: Turns out the site was created by Rudy Adler, who was a student during the first year of Wieden + Kennedy’s WK+12 ad school.

—Posted by David Griner