The Week on AdFreak

DirecTV's weird baby, JCPenney's two dads, honest magazine covers, and one great Twitter apology

The 10 most-read AdFreak stories from the past week:
1. Best Corporate Apology Ever Posted to Twitter?
2. The Most Honest Women's Magazine Cover Ever
3. JCPenney Hits Back at Anti-Gay Critics with Two Dads in
    Father's Day Ad

4. The Awesome Chalkboard Musings of a Jersey City Gym
5. Man Headbutts Wife in Horrible Ad for Social-Event Website
6. More Tasteless Ads That Never Ran: The 2012 Chip Shop Awards
7. DirecTV Introduces Advertising's Weirdest-Looking Baby Yet
8. Snickers Makes It Easier to Unhook a Woman's Bra
9. Another Ad-Agency Music Video That Will Make You Squirm
10. Pringles Ad Accused of Ripping Off 'One Tiny Hand' Tumblr