Watch the charts for ‘The Overcoat’

The Dover Thrift paperback of Nikolai Gogol’s The Overcoat and Other Short Stories is currently ranked 43,482nd among books on Amazon, and its EasyRead Edition comes in at 1,297,625. But come March, the 19th century Russian masterpiece should be flying off e-commerce shelves. That’s the release date of the movie The Namesake, directed by Mira Nair and covering three decades in the life of the Indian Ganguli family—and the saga contains a serious plug for the long-dead white Ukrainian. Just as Harold & Kumar go to White Castle refreshed the burger franchise, so too this filmed homage could do wonders for the outerwear tale whose passage about "some beautiful woman taking off her shoe and thus baring her whole leg, not a bad leg at all…" was one of literature’s first adventures in advertising.

—Posted by Laura Blum