Vaseline calls on Alaskans for testimonials


Alaska is all over the place lately. (It's a cool place, no joke!) Vaseline headed up there to promote its Clinical Therapy Lotion. The star of the campaign is Petal Ruch (shown here), a resident of Kodiak, who was given the product and encouraged to share it with friends and neighbors, who all presumably suffer from perpetually chapped skin owing to the cold. It's unclear whether she gave any to Sarah Palin, and if she did, whether that's what caused the vp candidate to "go rogue." Vaseline is derived from petroleum, and Alaska has all that oil, so there's an odd full-circle effect in these spots. Still, that does little to detract from the inherent kinky/creepiness of someone "prescribing" Vaseline products to his or her neighbors. I tried it with those co-eds next door, and they took out a restraining order. I guess folks really are more friendly in Alaska!

—Posted by David Gianatasio