Until death from cardiac issues do us part

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at White Castle is one thing. Getting married there is something else entirely. What are the odds that two people who, separately, might be willing to do such a thing would actually meet each other? Consider, then, what a weird, weird scene it must have been at an White Castle in Ohio recently, when not one but three couples tied the knot on the premises. According to reports, there was “a flower girl who threw salt-and-pepper packets instead of rice,” “employee name tags on the grooms’ lapels,” and a cake made to resemble “a White Castle tray holding three ‘Slyder’ burgers, fries and a drink.” Improbable isn’t the word. This must have been like watching a bluebuck hatch from a New Zealand quail egg. The couples did get a radio station to cover some of the expenses, so at least they weren’t footing the whole bill for their defiance of life’s natural order.

—Posted by David Kiefaber