UN launches pre-emptive strike

Unlogo1Before New Yorkers even had a chance to react, the United Nations went ahead and spent $4 million on an ad campaign, called “Everyone’s a Delegate,” apologizing for the customary gridlock and inconvenience that will no doubt happen when170 world leaders converge on the United Nations next week for the 2005 World Summit. "We apologize for the gridlock,” one ad reads. “But hopefully we’ll break through a little political gridlock.” However, the ad that may strike the strongest chord with New Yorkers is a TV commercial which, according to this story, will break in the days just before the summit begins. In it, an average New Yorker, appearing to address the General Assembly, says, “Today, I come here to ask you for two things. First, end world hunger. Second, if I could score some of those diplomatic license plates, that’d be cool. It took like 40 minutes to park coming here today."

—Posted by Celeste Ward