U.K. wrings hands over product placement


Those nervous nellies in the U.K. have blocked a move to allow
product placement on TV
. Proponents of the ban have dragged out all the
tired clichés about distinguishing editorial from advertising and
"serious issues of trust for viewers." Iphone_home
What's not to trust? Maybe Dr.
Who would enjoy a crisp, refreshing Coke every now and then, and a
couple of Dell Inspirion notebooks and Snickers
Apple iPhones would sure help
spruce up the Tardis. Those newsreaders across the pond always look so
grim—a tasty Snickers might cheer them up. Sure, the global economic
crisis is getting pretty intense, but I can't imagine that
cash-strapped media outlets Dunkin-donuts
struggling for their lives would take
advantage. 08_Ford_Explorer_007_(768x576)
Are they worried that content will suddenly be peppered
with product shots and logos? It'll never happen! Thank God America
runs on Dunkin'! I'm gonna
hop in my Ford Explorer and head to the nearest shop, because I
sure go for a coffee right about now!

—Posted by David Gianatasio