Try the phone made of plastic water bottles


Do consumers care about "green" products anymore? Did they ever? Why am I asking myself questions aloud as I type? I wish there were an environmentally conscious phone I could use to call someone and get some answers. Oh hey, good timing—it looks like Motorola is launching what it claims is the world's first 3G mobile phone made from recycled water-bottle plastics. It's called the Moto W233 Renew, which doesn't exactly glide off the tongue like "iPhone," but it won't glide off the shelves like the iPhone either, so it's probably OK. Motorola gets all up in its competition's face by including a postage-paid envelope in each Renew box, making it "easy to return your previous mobile phone for recycling at no cost." (That's like spanking Nokia with a twig.) Still, if the Renew's a flop and sits in stockroom crates unsold, Motorola could be creating more garbage than it would have by not launching the phone in the first place.

—Posted by David Gianatasio