Trade apathy for obesity with Dreyer’s Dibs

If you find yourself feeling stressed, overworked and under-amused at work, the “creative and fun people at Dreyer’s” would like to have a promotional word with you. “There are lots of things we can do to make our workplaces more fun and ourselves more productive,” they say. Like what, you ask? Like entering the Dibs Quest for a Cooler Workplace contest, named after the bite-sized ice-cream snack Dreyer’s invented. The company that does the most to make its workplace cooler will get “free fully-stocked (and restocked) freezers of Dibs bite sized snacks for an entire month” Given how disappointing Scott Tissues’ clog-story contest was, this entrants here better step up to the plate. And none of that “we made our office cooler by turning up the AC, LOLZ” horseshit, either. I expect to see plastic-ball pits, jousting tournaments and lewd after-hours bacchanals. So make it good, kids!

—Posted by David Kiefaber