Toshiba helps dog/monkey friendships soar


A dog and a monkey are BFFs in this Wunderman spot touting Toshiba laptops. They mate and produce a terrifying dog-monkey hybrid that tears apart the neighborhood kids in a howling fit of interspecies rage! Not really. There's no cross-species breeding or carnage at all, even though I kept wishing for some. At one point, the primate outfits the pooch in a banana-crown, takes pics and and posts them online. You just know some jerky cat will find those shots and make the mutt a laughingstock. The buddies get separated when the dog's family moves away, but they keep in touch via video chats. Hmm, that sounds like a lot of human friendships these days—right down to the embarrassing Internet images. Here's an ad showing how pets would really use PCs if they could. They take after their masters.

—Posted by David Gianatasio