‘Times’ is over that whole plagiarism thing

Tools_4The ad people over at The New York Times Online must piss themselves every time they sign up a new sponsor for the site’s “article tools.” The little banners always seem to advertise a movie, and the way they get thrown in blindly, often end up in awkward positions. (Over the summer, stories about flash floods upstate and the deadly heat wave nationwide carried ads for Water and Little Miss Sunshine, respectively.) It’s extra weird, though, that the paper has chosen to accept these latest banners. “Do you want lies with that?” ask the ads currently running on many Times stories. Actually, no, we’ve had enough of that sort of thing. (We first spotted the “Lies” ads in a piece about Joe Lieberman, which gave them an added oomph.) The banners do have a purpose beyond making their host squirm: They link to a site that asks you to reveal lies you’ve told on the job—part of the marketing campaign for Richard Linklater’s film version of Fast Food Nation.

—Posted by Tim Nudd