Theater of the absurd

JewtopiaadThe new play Jewtopia, which tells the tale of a gentile obsessed with dating Jewish women and a Jew obsessed with dating gentile girls, sold out a small house in L.A. for a year (not an easy task) and has now opened Off Broadway.

Reviews have been mixed. Depending on what you read, it’s either “a raucous, merciless skewering of contemporary Jewish foibles, neuroses and stereotypes” (Los Angeles Times) or a “tasteless romp” and “offensive” (Backstage West). And the ads are, well, obvious. “Just Jew it” is only slightly more inspired (and that’s not saying much) than “Got Jew?” And this play is supposed to be “hilarious”?

Whatever. The writers do give away some free advertising in the form of product placement—particularly to JDate, the Jewish online dating service, which is central to the plot (it’s where the title comes from). Plus, the merchandising plans sound fun. As the Web site jokes, “Jewtopia 2: The Fellowship of the Jew and Jewtopia 3: The Return of the Gentile are already in the planning stages, with Jewtopia cast action figures to follow.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd