Terrible pitchman/CEO steps down from GM


You won't have Ed Whitacre to kick around anymore, motherf*ckers! Using those exact words at a press conference and deploying a rubber slide for a dramatic exit, the General Motors honcho today said he is quitting as CEO. Of course, he didn't really pull a Steven Slater, but he is relinquishing the GM job to Dan Akerson on Sept. 1. Whitacre's commercial appearances were poorly received by critics. Adweek's Barbara Lippert chided the company for "focusing on that important, underserved market: gruff old white guys in black undertaker suits who speak about their vee-hicles." Even so, the spots proved, according to some polls, quite popular with the general public. Stupid public. Anyway, GM's financial performance has improved, and Whitacre will stick around and collect big bucks for doing whatever it is the chairman of GM does. Presumably not commercials. So, a pitchman's job is open. And Steve Slater is ready for his close-up.