Suicidal feeling might be something you ate


Scotland has unveiled a new anti-suicide campaign. It centers on the TV spot below, by ad agency Frame, in which a man trudges through his bleak Scottish life in silent suffering, and only begins to feel better after getting Heimliched at a pub and puking up the actual word suicide, presented as a nasty lozenge of black sludge that sits there pulsating on the table. It's definitely the nastiest object expelled from someone's throat in an ad since Pfizer's "Poison" spot (our pick for the freakiest commercial of 2009). A client rep says: "Crucially this TV advert is about saving lives. By airing the advert later at night when we know men who are feeling suicidal are most likely to be alone and watching TV, we hope to convey the message that they're not alone and that support is out there. But the first very difficult step is to talk about how they are feeling."

—Posted by Tim Nudd