Striking writers return to what they do best

Dear Mom and Dad,
  Great news! The Hollywood writers’ strike is over, and now I can get back to work. It’s been a tough 100 days on vacation here in Barbados without a paycheck. I almost had to cancel valet parking and was tipping the laundry guy with tens instead of twenties. It got so boring, I actually began reading a book, and then tried writing one, but gave up when I realized I’d left my voice-recognition software at home. Now I can get back to doing what I love: crafting CSI product-integration vehicles for Coke and Pepsi (not in the same episode of course, LOL). Luckily, my latest script, “The Carbonator,” about a crazed killer who leaves cola contest caps at the scenes of his crimes, works with either brand. If that show doesn’t bite, I’ll throw in some dinosaurs and pitch it to Lost. They’ve got dinosaurs on Lost, right? If not, I’ll make them Aztecs. God, I love this business!

—Posted by David Gianatasio