Springsteen: Don’t show me the money

BrucesWe’re not sure how many people took the time on Saturday night to watch (or TiVo) the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on VH1. You may well have missed Bruce Springsteen recounting his reaction to first seeing U2’s iPod ad—the best moment in his, at turns, hilarious and eloquent speech inducting the iconic Irish rockers into the Hall. So he’s sitting in his pajamas on the couch one night back in the fall, “doing one of my favorite things … tallying up all the money I passed up in endorsement deals over the years and thinking of all of the fun I could have had with it.” Then he hears U2’s “Vertigo” coming from the TV. “Instead of the silhouettes of the hippie wannabes bouncing around in the iPod commercial, I see my boys,” he recalled. “Oh my God! They’ve sold out!” He calls his manager, Jon Landau, the next morning and says, “Did you see that iPod thing?” When Landau tells him he heard U2 didn’t take any money for it, Bruce says, “I think smart, wily Irish guys … anybody can do an ad and take the money, but to do the ad and not take the money … that’s smart. That’s wily.” He then instructs Landau, “I want you to call up Bill Gates or whoever is behind this thing”—we’ll give Bruce one free Luddite pass here, or maybe he was kidding—“and float this: a red, white and blue iPod signed by Bruce ‘The Boss’ Springsteen. And remember, no matter how much money he offers, don’t take it!”

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

Photo credit: Fabiano/Sipa/Newscom