SportChek gear helps you lose the silly walk


This campaign for Canadian retailer SportChek, from ad agency Bos and director Brian Lee Hughes, isn't so hot. It feels forced, and kind of derivative. But I dig the icy cube-chick in the spot below! Some dude lumbers down the corridor all bow-legged, doing a John Cleese silly-walk routine. "Ever seen the bike he rides to work every day?" the frost-queen asks. "I can imagine," a nerdlinger co-worker says. "Not as much as I can," she replies, with suddenly intense eyes. They should've cast her in the sneakers ad (posted after the jump, along with two others), where a woman freaks out when a bug crawls across the floor. That office babe would've frozen the insect solid with a stare. Oh, I think the client sells sporting goods. Whatever, that chick's a trip.

—Posted by David Gianatasio