Sponsor my fair, balanced AdFreak posts

So, the newspaper game has gotten so desperate that The Philadelphia Inquirer is running a business column sponsored by Citizens Bank, complete with green logo and all. There’s plenty of industry hand-wringing over the ethical implications. But I see no inherent conflict in this. In fact, I’d like to invite my friends at Apple, Hewlett-Packard, PBS, YouTube, Mike-FM, Cartoon Network, Viacom, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, TJX and Fox, to name but a few, to pony up for future AdFreak mentions. My integrity won’t waver a bit, rest assured. (Oh, um … no need to check out my past coverage of your companies beforehand. You’re busy, important people. Just send money!) UPDATE: I see that kooky editor added hyperlinks. They’re broken, I swear. Just meet me in the park with a sack of cash, OK?

—Posted by David Gianatasio