Spirit flight attendants despise apron logos

Spirit copy

Spirit Airlines, which has courted controversy in the past with its "Many Islands, Low Fares" (MILF) ad campaign, is stirring the pot yet again by putting Bud Light logos on its flight attendants' uniforms. Critics of this new measure—many of whom are Spirit flight attendants themselves—claim that, in addition to turning them into "walking billboards," the logos make everyone's job harder by encouraging in-flight drunkenness. Spirit has turned a deaf ear to their concerns, mainly because they've gone too far to stop selling out now. With the overhead bins, tray tables, ticket jackets, cups, napkins and boarding passes auctioned off to various sponsors, there isn't much ad space left. And while this promotional tactic is certainly coarse, people who get loaded on airplanes usually plan on doing so before the beverage cart comes around.

—Posted by David Kiefaber