Spice Hunter has a cow

CowPETA, please don’t take it out on me! New ads for The Spice Hunter line of cooking spices and sea salts are out, and the spokes-cow does not look very pleased.  Ad agency execs at Advertise Here of San Luis Obispo, Calif. dressed Pumpkin, the big red bovine, in a straw hula skirt.  May I repeat: The cow is named Pumpkin. The cow has been dressed in a skirt. An agency rep points out that Pumpkin may look moody, but she is not. This is her serious "Zoolander" modeling look. The agency is also quick to mention that in the day of computers and PhotoShop, Pumpkin’s photo is the real deal with no touch-ups or manipulation. Pumpkin is a resident of the Cottontail Creek Ranch in San Luis Obispo. “Her owner says she has always been a poser,” said Heather Hellman, an agency rep. Pumpkin’s beefy 140” waistline will be seen on sales sheets and point-of-purchase displays, to promote the 10 varieties of Grill Shakers spices.

—Posted by Celeste Ward