Space: the final funeral frontier

Spaceship1As a coda to a life best-known for playing Scotty on the
original Star Trek back in the 1960s, James Doohan, who died earlier this week
at 85, wants his ashes to be dispersed into space. According to this story in
USA Today
, he’s not the first of the original Trekkies to do so—series creator
Gene Roddenberry
had a similar request granted when he died. Since you’re
reading AdFreak, here’s our attempt at a marketing angle: there’s actually a
company called Space Services, Inc., based in Houston,
which specializes in space memorials, if you or your loved one should want one;
it’ll be blasting several grams of Doohan’s ashes into space later this year. The
story says that the aluminum-encapsulated ashes, rather than continuing out
into the great beyond, will “eventually burn up when they re-enter Earth’s
atmosphere.” To us, that seems like a downer, not to mention being essentially redundant.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor