Sony’s living mannequins swarm Manhattan


Mannequins take Manhattan! Today! With Sony VAIOs! New Yorkers have ad shop 180LA to blame for what sounds like a pretty creepy campaign. Press materials ask us to "picture 10 mannequins sitting at a cafe, IMing, blogging, updating their Facebook pages and tempting onlookers to check out the beautiful new [VAIO P Series] device." Imagine it? I can't get it out of my head! The "living mannequins" are premiering this morning at Grand Central Station, no doubt to the delight of commuters who haven't recovered from that "world's biggest wheel of cheese" promotion there a couple of years back. Sony says the big dummies will "circulate throughout the city's hottest neighborhoods." Thank goodness, SoHo won't miss out. There's a Fashion Week tie-in, as the mannequins have been dressed by young designers. "Imagine going about your day when suddenly you see something out of place: It's a strikingly beautiful mannequin. She's alive. And she's holding the VAIO P Series, motioning for you to join her." Frankly, I think I'll buy a Mac. You guys are freaking me out.

—Posted by David Gianatasio