Snickers unloads on Mr. T with friendly fire

Mars did the right thing by agreeing to pull its controversial Snickers ad that some blasted as homophobic. Not so much because it’s anti-gay, but because it insults the intelligence of the entire human race. How did AMV BBDO sell this through? “Mr. T shoots a race walker with Snickers bars from a big gun.” Dead silence. “The tagline is ‘Get some nuts.’ ” Room breaks up into raucous laughter and high-fives all around! Ah Mr. T … it’s the ’80s every night in your dreams, and you’re still a big star. No Frankie Goes to Hollywood, though. Mars should take a page from GM’s robo-suicide playbook and re-cut the spot. The race walker can tell Mr. T, “No, you get some nuts!” They laugh and exchange respectful cheek kisses in the European version and slap each other’s butts for U.S. audiences comfortable with such manly displays of affection from watching Monday Night Football. Then they share a Snickers bar—equally, and without judgment. There’s a little something in that scenario for everyone. Now, if only Mars would pull its crappy GummiBurst Nite Flite campaign. C’mon, those ads must offend somebody! UPDATE: Check out’s poll on the matter (right column, scroll down).

—Posted by David Gianatasio