See Adweek’s 7 Favorite Agency Holiday Cards of 2017

Fun, creative endings to a rough year

A live band has been playing Christmas music to callers waiting on hold to speak to staffers at Spanish agency Shackleton this week.

We didn’t have time to post every agency holiday card we got this year, but we did manage to feature 73 of them. Below, check out seven favorites—all inspired takes on a year-end tradition.

Anomaly – “Dear Satan”

This agency goes all in at Christmas. Last year they made an amazing eight-minute film, narrated by Fleabag actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who imagined the nightmarish scenario of a man who took “The 12 Days of Christmas” literally—and actually bought all that crap for his girlfriend. This year’s follow-up is just a good: “Dear Satan,” narrated by Patrick Stewart, tells the tale of a girl who accidentally sends a letter to Satan instead of Santa.

Barton F. Graf – “Good Tidings From Barton F. Graf”

This amusing three-and-a-half-minute video shows Gerry Graf, identified as “Jerry Graph,” visiting various New York agencies, and agency people, that Barton F. Graf has supposedly made fun of this year.

BBDO – “End of the Year Message 2017”

Where Publicis went older with its holiday message (making up CEO Arthur Sadoun to look like an old man), BBDO goes younger with its holiday message to employee, as pint-size Andrew Robertson and David Lubars reflect on the network’s strong year.

R/GA Austin – “Connected Snow Globe”

R/GA Austin made snow globes for all 17 other R/GA offices around the globe. Every shake of one snow globe sends a twinkling “hello” to all the other offices.

“It’s a great format for taking an existing behavior—shaking a snow globe and enjoying its magic—and adding some tech to make it even more meaningful,” says Katrina Bekessy, senior technology director. “We kept the design of the globes on brand, but with just enough holiday flair and homemade nostalgia to make it feel like an old-fashioned holiday decoration. I love mixing ‘high-tech’ with ‘low-tech’ that way. We spent just as much time at the craft store as we did on to make this come to life, and our team had a lot of fun with the process.”

Shackleton – “On Hold Music Live”

Spanish agency Shackleton has transformed one of its conference rooms into an authentic Bourbon Street style club—and is having a jazz band play live Christmas music all this week (from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily) for anyone waiting on hold to speak to a Shackleton employee. See a livestream here.

SS+K – “Keep Hope Alive”

This one was simple and goofy, yet irresistible. SS+K wants to keep hope alive. So, they bought a fish, named her Hope, and are trying to keep her alive. Follow along at the agency’s website or on Instagram.

VaynerMedia – “Vee”

VaynerMedia literally created a brand voice for the agency by blending hundreds of employees’ voices into a single unified sound through AI software. They’re calling the voice “Vee,” and she (yes, it sounds like a she, and they’re referring to her as such) will be featured in a series of videos on the agency’s social channels in which she introduces herself and banters with coworkers.

VaynerMedia clients will meet Vee in the form of a personalized holiday greeting card included with a customized Amazon Echo Dot that comes preloaded with a new Alexa skill called Vayner. Vayner is an interactive skill featuring weekly updates on the digital voice industry, including platform news and discussion of recent trends in the marketplace. Say “Enable Vayner skill” to try it out. See the unboxing of the gift below.

We did four separate roundups of cards this week. Here are links to those:

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