Scotch’s best gift-wrapper is … a man?

ScotchBack in the early ’90s, my sister, artist/actress Alie Ward, was envied for her superior gift-wrapping skills. In fact, she wanted one of those Christmas jobs at Macy’s where young women gift-wrap purchases all day. To her, that was bliss. It’s not really sexist to notice that those jobs go mainly to women. It’s the same at home, where boyfriends/husbands generally can’t wrap a book without making it look like the work of a blind kindergartener. So what the hell is with this?! A dude—Doug Alves of Fresno, Calif.,—winning Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest!? This homeboy flew to Rockefeller Center, gift-wrapped a Vespa in ribbons and bows to perfection, and went home with the scooter and $10,000! He beat out seven other happy wrappers, including chicks such as Tina Moore from Fayetteville, Ga., who received $2,500. Alves commented: “I was just happy and proud to be able to go to New York to compete, knowing I had the tremendous support of my friends and family.” It ain’t right. I hope a woman wins the ESPN 2005 Gridiron Challenge, or women vote in the next winner of this.

—Posted by Celeste Ward