RadioShack irked by store owner’s gun offer

RadioShack Get a Gun

The liberals who are taking aim at Montana RadioShack owner Steve Strand for a controversial gun giveaway should lower their weapons and celebrate the promotion as a bull's-eye of retail innovation. It couldn't possibly misfire—right? Strand is offering a gift card for a shotgun or pistol when you buy a two-year Dish Network subscription package. Those who aren't interested can choose a $50 pizza gift certificate instead—though if anchovies are involved, that could be just as deadly as the firearms. RadioShack isn't happy about Strand going rogue like this. Says Strand: "RadioShack has taken the position that we've tarnished their brand image." Yeah, like their reputation was golden to begin with. The glib gunman adds: "I don't think they understand our way of life here in Montana." Amen to that! This is a state that encourages you to ride your horse home drunk from the bar. Actually, Strand is running the biggest risk here. When his customers' satellite-TV gear or other gadgets go wonky, they'll be locked and loaded when they show up demanding refunds.