Putting USC football fans in their place

Onepeat_1Sports fans are an ornery bunch. For evidence, check out Onepeat.com. It’s a Web site devoted to raising $10,000 to erect a billboard near the USC campus expressly to piss off USC football fans. How? By reminding them that their team was not, in fact, going for its third straight national title in this year’s Rose Bowl, as many in the media had mistakenly claimed. After the 2003 season, it was LSU that was awarded the official BCS championship, while USC was No. 1 in the final AP poll. “Shouldn’t dynasties win more than one?” is the proposed headline for the ad. The powers-that-be behind the initiative are hiding their identities, for now. But surely he/she/they are LSU or Texas fans. So far, the site has raised about $4,000. It seems Pat Riley does not own the rights to the word onepeat.

—Posted by Tim Nudd