This post, on the other hand, is sort of about PETA

Carlsjr_chickenWhile “Chicken Skills,” the latest Carl’s Jr. ad for the Western Bacon Chicken Sandwich is amusing, the thought occurs: “Why doesn’t anyone defend chickens?” The spot shows a hapless bird, just standing there clucking, while a voiceover says, “Chicken, sit. Sit.” Nothing. “Catch, chicken.” A ball bounces by. “Chicken, juggle.” No response. It ends with, “There’s only one thing a chicken’s good for. Eating.” Now at this point AdFreak begins to feel pangs of chicken pity. Why the blatant dismissal? Chickens really don’t scare anyone. Or hurt anyone. They just kind of wander around and aren’t terribly bright. They provide eggs. A lot of other animals have staunch supporters that would go to jail on their behalf, even rabbits and lab rats. Where are the protectors of the chickens? Oh, here they are.

—Posted by Celeste Ward