Poll: Who has the best name in advertising?

MynameisLet’s face facts: Advertising can be slightly superficial. Image matters. That’s why I think an awesome name can be a great advantage. Considering the penchant to slap the founders’ names on the door of new shops, let’s at least hopes the names are good. Here are four of my favorites:

Johnny Vulkan
: The Anomaly partner has a name that speaks to a weird, all-knowing power. If Johnny and his cohorts really want to reinvent the agency compensation model, they’ll need all of his ability to mind-meld with clients.

Jelly Helm
: I’m told this is some kind of Southern thing. Whatever it is, the name rocks. Would the Wieden + Kennedy creative director and VCU AdCenter professor have risen so high if he stuck with David Helm?

: Like a Brazilian soccer player, Benzo needs just a single name. The L.A. director even goes in front of the camera for the “Catch” Ray-Ban viral hit. Someone this cool simply cannot go around letting people call him Ben. That would be an injustice.

Scrappers Morrison: The most famous (in our eyes) graduate of W+K’s 12, Scrappers
burst on the scene in style: shirtless, hirsute and sporting a dead raccoon across his shoulders. This kind of personality can’t be confined to a fuddy-duddy given name like Justin.

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Posted by Brian Morrissey