PETA now just hiring professional strippers


PETA continues its naked-people anti-fur campaign with this ad starring strippers from Rick's Cabaret. See the full ad here. The animal-rights group says Rick's is "the only strip joint on the Nasdaq," so you know it must be a classy joint. By hiring strippers, though, PETA finally renders this whole concept pretty nonsensical. The whole point was that the people in the "Go naked" ads don't normally go naked—thus, they're taking some kind of provocative stand for their moral position. For these ladies, it's another day at the office. (Likewise for previous PETA models Holly Madison and Jenna Jameson.) Still, it's a good play for Rick's, whose stock isn't as hot as its talent: It's at a 52-week low of $2.54, down from $25-plus last year.

—Posted by Tim Nudd