Pay no attention to the office noodle master

Nissin says it's never advertised its chow mein in the U.S. before now. They probably should have kept it that way, judging from this spot by Dentsu America. We get yet another variation on Office-style humor, this time with an oddball animated spokescharacter, Eddie, who works in accounting and also happens to be a tiny, 900-year-old "noodle master." Eddie is voiced by legendary character actor James Hong, who's probably best remembered as the host who keeps the gang waiting for a table in the Chinese-restaurant episode of Seinfeld. Hong does his best, but in terms of new ad icons, I'd bet on the ultraviolent Las Vegas tourism chinchillas over this faux-Zen-wisdom-spouting stereotype any day. Even if Eddie's packing nunchucks under that robe, those rodents have him outnumbered.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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