Orange loves your goofy self in Saatchi ads


Saatchi & Saatchi in Switzerland and European telecom powerhouse Orange get it right in this new campaign, which is amusing and filled with fun bits while not going totally over the top. A trio of character-study vignettes (one below, two more after the jump) unfold like Euro art-house comedies as they illustrate how balancing talk, text and Web services from Orange based on one's personality can be useful to consumers. The jockeys-emerging-from-manholes-and-cars sequence in "Tania the Party Planner" is especially inspired. So are the final frames of "Apology Nico," in which the perpetually late anti-hero leaps from a dock to catch a boat, slowly falls toward the water … and makes a splash. Best of all is "Matteo the Online Romancer," with its lean-faced Lothario at one point getting a mouthful of blonde lip-service from a hygienist while in the dentist's chair. He's in for a different kind of root canal!